6 June
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Welcome to the personal blog and fanworks listing for Tasogare-Taichou. This is where I not only post my normal journal entries, but you'll also find all manner of fanworks from fanfiction to fanart to memes and icons and banners. It really just depends on what I feel like posting up.
I'm a 26 year old former veterinary technician from North Carolina. I've been an anime fan for about 13 years or so, and have been cosplaying for about 10. A seamstress, I take cosplay commissions on limited basis and head a small cosplay troupe called Tasogare. I love writing fanfiction and doing fanart, mostly Bleach and Naruto and I participate in a number of writing challenge communities. I also run my own, over at 20_blankets. I do a decent amount of coding and graphics work, evidenced through the layouts and moodthemes on my journals. Though I'm currently only in one roleplaying community, I enjoy roleplaying both canon-based and OC-based and I'm always up for some RP if you're interested.

Likes and Dislikes
Likes: Cats, roleplaying, sewing, cosplay, photography, drawing, writing, anime, fantasy, goth music, gaming, models, reading, strawberries, kids

Dislikes: Slimy things, chemistry, fandom-wank, coffee, stupid people, dishonesty, bad cosplay, OOCness

Fandom Preferences: Bleach, Naruto, IC-ness is a must, IchiRuki, NejiHina, IshiHime, ShiYori, YoruKisu, SakuLee, SasuNaru. I enjoy all sorts of pairings, but only if I feel that said pairing actually has merit. In that sense, if it's a pairing that I can't see happening, then the author must have done an exceptional job developing it in such a way that it becomes feasible and plausible. I prefer stories that have a significant depth of feeling to them, especially canon-based fiction that is written such that it could potentially be a part of actual canon. I enjoy not just the long, epic-seeming fics but also the short little oneshots that simply frame a small moment. I write multi-chaptered fics occasionally but I'm more of a one-shot writer. Most of the time when I end up doing something multipart it ends up being the result of a writer's challenge.

Fandom Dislikes: Fandom-wank, OOCness, IchiHime, anime characters made gay simply for the sake of making them that way and not because of any actual support for it, Highschool AU - it's done badly 99% of the time, Bad crossovers, stupid dubbie fanbrats who give my pairing-fandom a bad name. I can't stand OOCness in any story, but I especially hate it when it's done to a strong, abrasive, emotionally-jagged character. The sort of characters like Kurosaki Ichigo or Hyuuga Neji. The ones who don't display outward emotion very well, or who have a difficult time letting others close. It's possible to write such characters engaged in tender moments without losing their edge, but so few writers can manage it and I detest seeing such a character turned into a little fluffy ball of uke mush.

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"Anyone can take a dream and make it a reality. The true test of courage and dedication lies in taking your reality and making of it a dream." - Luke Whynn Oniyx

Finished Writing Challenge Claims

ShinjixHiyori for 24hour_themes.

Colourbar Love

Sarugaki Hiyori is Love.

Hirako Shinji is Love.

Hiyori x Shinji is Love.

Kuchiki Rukia is &apos;Chick who loves bunnies...&apos; Love <3

By Primera_Espada

Kurosaki Ichigo is Strawberry Love <3

By Primera_Espada

Bleach girls are beautiful strength

Bleached love.

Yachiru is Adorable Love

Renji is Tattooed Love

Ichigo is Orange Love

Rukia is Unseated Love

Rukia is Shinigami Love

Shinji x Hiyori is violent love

IshidaxOrihime is timid love

IchigoxRukia is deathly love

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