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25 September 2010 @ 06:13 pm
Letter 16  

Ichigo -

You know, for someone who hates 'sappy crap', you sure know a lot about it. And I never said you were a heartless jerk, just a jerk. You should notice the distinction. And if you don't want to wear the hat, then it's not my problem if Yuzu cries when you tell her 'no'. Yeah, I remember that party, and you shouldn't talk about Hitsugaya-taichou so casually. It's rude, you uncultured lout.

The amount and nature of any blackmail material that I may or may not possess is no business of yours, Kurosaki-san.

Nii-sama does NOT treat you that way, he simply expects you to behave with a certain degree of manners and couth, something that you seem unable to do. He does respect you, you know. What's so insulting about that? And that makes no sense when you consider anything I say that you don't like to be 'stupid'.

And that wasn't MY fault, how was I supposed to know he would do that?! Don't be such a baby, he's just concerned about you. Sorry if my writing is not as neat as it usually is, the electricity is out here and your dad can't find the candles. There was a big storm earlier and it knocked out the gen-a-thingy, so I'm writing by moonlight. It's actually really pretty in a way, everything in your room looks like it's got a blanket of sparkly light over it. It's... peaceful, in a way, though I'd rather be on the roof, where I can see the stars. I remember when I was young, Renji showed me how to make pictures in the sky by connecting the stars. Did you ever do that? We'd sit on the hill in the moonlight and count how many pictures we could make.

Twelve years is a long time, moron. We only spend 7 years in academy, and then that's just the standard curriculum. Plenty of people graduate in less than that. I only spent 4 years, and Nii-sama only took one to graduate. Wouldn't taking less time to learn something be better than taking more time because it would show that you have a greater aptitude and learn things quicker and more easily?

Half of the child souls that we konso hide behind me when you look at them. I think that settles the point that you scare kids. Maybe if you didn't always have your face screwed up into such a scowl, they wouldn't be scared like that.

I think that sounds like lots of fun. You'll get to sit around and drink tea and cocoa, and maybe you'll even get a chance to make friends with Devon. And don't call me an idiot, how should I know that humans use such.... barbaric methods for something as menial as crooked teeth. What's so bad about crooked teeth anyway, that you would voluntarily subject yourself to a mouth full of metal?

I still think he looks like him. And his Japanese isn't all that bad, I could understand most of what he said in his letter. Though, why does he address me as "Ichigo's girlfriend-in-Japan"? Is that just because I'm a girl and we're friends? It almost sounds like he thinks we're a couple, what HAVE you been telling him? Either way, his grammar is a little strange, and he can't spell, but it was rather sweet of him to send it to me. I sent an extra bag of cookies for him in the package. They're the Chappy ones, since YOU'LL just make fun of them.

And what if I did go out with Keigo? Maybe I told him yes, and we went out and had a lovely time? Are you going to sulk like a baby? And I know what a zoo is, I went with your family that one time, remember? So an aquarium is a zoo just for fish... ok, I guess that makes sense. I wish I could see it.

Of course it was nice of Yuzu to send it, she's worried about you. I could have told her a cretin like you would be ungrateful, I'm sure they know you have stores there. They just care, that's what family does, you know. So do friends, which is exactly why I AM going to go take care of Renji. At least he's grateful to have someone care about him.

And see, there you go being ungrateful again! Fine, see if I make you any more presents ever. And they're ties, I helped her decide on them. They're supposed to tighten the gloves around your wrists so that the snow doesn't get in, idiot. Stop shouting at me! If I didn't know better I'd think you were jealous. Don't be such a baby, I didn't go out with Keigo, alright? And not because you told me not to. I'm not so dense I couldn't figure out why he asked. He's a nice guy, but... I don't like him that way and it would be unfair to lead him on.

Do you always know everything YOUR family is doing? Don't be so ridiculous, there's nothing abnormal about me not knowing. You're just paranoid. And don't even JOKE about something like that, you asshole! It's not funny! Don't you care what that would do to your family? Your friends? Don't ever say something like that again, Ichigo.

What is the 'third grade', and what does it have to do with girls and touching? Is it some sort of obscure human custom? There are twelve of us in total in the club, but Inoue's trying to recruit more members. And I don't know, you'd have to ask her. Besides, why are you suddenly so concerned about Inoue's hair? You never say anything about MY hair, or anyone else's for that matter.

Yuzu says to thank you for the picture, and she made you some soup. I packed it up in the box with the cookies and other things, she says make sure to share some with Matt and Devon. And I highly doubt that your father would forget to pick you up. Oh, I drew you a picture to go on your wall at school because I'm sure all you have is boring posters and blank walls. It's the park how it looks tonight -- I'm sitting on the roof now -- with the moonlight shining all over it. It looks so different without all the streetlights and so I wanted to show you, but the camera won't take a good picture of it.

- Rukia

P.S. - Tell Matt he may write to me more often if he likes.