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08 September 2008 @ 01:11 pm
Letter #12 - Rukia to Ichigo  
Title: Golden Autumn
Rating: PG for language
Fandom: Bleach
Character: Kuchiki Rukia to Kurosaki Ichigo
Author's Notes: Just fyi, the premise that I'm writing these on is a post-canon situation where Ichigo is in college and has gone off to America for a semester abroad, and he and Rukia are writing letters back and forth (at her demand)

Ichigo -

I am NOT an idiot, and how the hell was it so obvious? It's not like Ishida was following her around and trying to stammer out a confession. And besides, Inoue was always in love with you so distracted. How was I supposed to know they'd end up as a couple. But you've got a point, Inoue does tend to say some strange things here and there. Oh, speaking of Inoue, she wanted to know if you'll be home for Christmas. Apparently she's trying to plan some sort of reunion party for everyone. Don't know why she'd want you there, you hate those kind of things and you'll just ruin everyone else's evening being grouchy, but I promised her I'd ask when she dragged me out to get gold streamers and stuff for it.

Don't you talk about Nii-sama that way, just because you don't like him. You should be grateful he talked the clan elders into not complaining when I requested to stay here on assignment. And forever is forever, there's not different kinds of forever, dumbass. You're the one who's not making sense. But..I'll assume you're actually trying to be nice -- what a concept -- so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and grace you with my thanks. You should feel priviledged.

Yeah, sure. Try it sometime, I want to watch your face crack.

What's.... cardi-o-gy? And that other thing? It doesn't make sense, why would there have to be different sorts of doctors? Can't one person take care of all sorts of illnesses? I think if I was a doctor, I'd feel a bit dumb if I couldn't fix any sort of illness that I came across. Which kind are you trying to be, anyway?

Is it getting colder there? It's starting to here, the leaves are turning but just a little bit. It's actually really pretty, there isn't any red yet, but everything's starting to turn all golden and orangey. That tree out in the front yard actually looks kindof like your head, if your head was any bigger. Yuzu took some pictures when we were raking up the leaves, and she really wanted you to see them, so I put a few in here for you. You can toss out the one of me, it looks horrible and there's leaves all in my hair and crap but Yuzu wouldn't let me leave it out.

Hmph, maybe I will go out with Keigo, just because you say I can't. Stop acting like you have some sort of say in who I go out with and who I don't. Keigo is a very nice guy and at least he seems to enjoy my company. And if you've really been on so many dates before, then why do you care if I go on one if they're really no big deal?

Renji does not wear a pink bathrobe it's white with pink flowers and even if he did, at least he doesn't act like the very mention of anything pink might by some strange chance endanger his heterosexuality. The way you do. Sure Ichigo. The "real" men are the ones who freak out if anyone even suggests they touch anything unmasculine. I'll remember that.

I'm going back because I have to, so stop whining about it. It's something family-related, I can't talk about it. And NO, it's not because I don't want to, it's because I don't know. And it's got nothing to do with them not being able to take care of things, or did you forget they did that just fine before you came along? Either way, I've got to go now.

Tell Matt hi for me, and you should ask Devon to go out somewhere, I'm sure he'd probably love to be your friend too.

Psyche: awakeawake