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08 June 2008 @ 04:13 pm
24 Chips - 12  
Theme: 18:00
Title: Epiphany
Fandom: Bleach
Character: Hirako Shinji and Sarugaki Hiyori
Category: Romantic
Rating: PG
Warnings: Just language, really bc of Hiyori. And as always, I'm making up their past before the TBTP arc because we don't know about their childhood/academy days/etc.
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= mine, or we'd see way more Vaizard love.
Summary: Part 12 of my 24-piece series of memorable "firsts" for these two.

The first time Shinji ever realized he loved Hiyori, it came in a moment of frenzied panic, emotions he thought he’d long-since gained control over. Panic wasn’t for seasoned officers, not for someone in his position. It was for someone who couldn’t handle what was going on, someone who was lost. And Hirako Shinji certainly wasn’t lost.

But those weren’t by any means the thoughts running through his head as he raced, shunpo moving quicker than he ever thought he’d moved before, heading towards the source of that one singular thought in his head.


The captain of the fifth division knew perfectly well that no one else at that meeting, despite how well many of them knew him -- and some of them knew him quite well – had seen the way his muscles had tensed at Urahara’s words, the way he’d only managed to bite his tongue because decorum – and Yoruichi’s words – dictated that he not let on that while the commander of the Special Forces had been right about the disrespect given towards Hiyori by Kisuke’s concern, his current desire was to choke the life out of the man for sending the girl out that way.

Lost soul pulses, mystery enemies, strange disappearances… it didn’t add up to anything in Shinji’s mind other than trouble. The big clock in the center of Seireitei was tolling half past 6, which meant half an hour since Urahara had sent Hiyori. And while he was silently thankful that Soutaichou had selected him as one of the group to go to the location, he couldn’t deny that he would have gone regardless.

But as he raced towards the coordinates he’d been given – hardly mindful of the fact that he’d left the others behind in his haste – the thing that was eating at him most was the precise reason why he would have gone. Something he’d pondered on once or twice before but that now was thrown into stark relief in his mind, a blaring reality that he couldn’t overlook.

He was in love. In love with the girl who seemed to enjoy kicking the crap out of him as her favourite pastime.

Honestly, Shinji had never really given the idea much thought. Loving Hiyori… it wasn’t as though it was something he really dwelt on and considered much at all. In a way… it was something that his subconscious mind had always just accepted, even though he’d been oblivious to the fact.

Until now. Until circumstance and danger threatened to rip her from him and he was brought up face to face with the realization that protecting her was the single most important thing in his life. More than his duty as a captain, more than his loyalty to Seireitei, more so than even his reservations and concerned about Sousuke. Because without Hiyori…

He shook his head. No. There was no use even thinking about that, as there was no point in even entertaining the thought that he might not make it in time. He would make it; he had to make it.

Feeling the night wind harsh against his face, he pushed harder, pumping more reiatsu into his steps, knowing – though he really had no idea why – that time was running out, that this wasn’t simply a matter of getting there and finding a battered Hiyori screaming at him about being late. This… was something different. Something threatening and wrong that not only threatened Seireitei, but threatened HER on an even deeper level.

He could feel her reiatsu, along with something strange, something… alien, that he couldn’t place. But she was alive. That much he noted as she came into view and then his blade was there, his blade and his body coming between her and her adversary, shielding his most precious person – though he’d only recently realized that – from the harm and death he could sense reaching for her.

Half-expecting a barrage of complaints and harsh words, he was somewhat grateful to simply hear his name, in a breathless, strained tone as she panted. Blue eyes flickered to her face momentarily as he reinforced the mask of duty over his face, ensuring that no trace of his recently-discovered epiphany remained. Good. She was alright. Bruised, bloody, and battered. But alive. And he was going to make certain she stayed that way.
Psyche: artisticartistic
twosentwosen on June 10th, 2008 02:51 am (UTC)
UWAHHH. Just...UWAAAHHH. *is a fangirl puddle of flail*

Don't mind me, it's just not often you see a manga character be man enough to admit to himself I love her...

Absolutely loved that last line.