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08 June 2008 @ 04:07 pm
24 Chips - 11  
Theme: 14:00
Title: Birthday Memories
Fandom: Bleach
Character/Pairing: Hirako Shinji and Sarugaki Hiyori
Category: Romantic
Rating: PG
Warnings: Just language, really bc of Hiyori. And as always, I'm making up their past before the TBTP arc because we don't know about their childhood/academy days/etc.
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= mine, or we'd see way more Vaizard love.
Summary: Part 11 of my 24-piece series of memorable "firsts" for these two.

The first time Hiyori ever voluntarily sought comfort from Shinji was a year after Captain Hikifune’s promotion. Her birthday, though she’d never personally been much for celebrating the day. Honestly, she didn’t even know if it was really her birthday. Most people in Rukongai simply picked a day and celebrated on that – if they celebrated at all. But Captain Hikifune had been of a different mindset. She had felt everyone should have a special day all their own, and when she found that her vice captain didn’t have one, the kind-hearted captain had promptly demanded that Hiyori choose one.

And so she had, and her captain had insisted on throwing a party, complete with cake. It had never seemed that big of a deal to Hiyori, if anything it was an inconvenience. And yet… she’d grown accustomed to it. Accustomed to the appearance of a smile and a wave and a small cake with a single candle – she wasn’t about to admit her age, or what she assumed was her age – left on her desk.

It hadn’t been until the month of her birthday approached that the realization had set in. This year… there would be no cake. No happy smiles and coloured streamers that she could scowl over and pretend she didn’t appreciate. No Hikifune-taichou. That fact had weighed heavily on her mind the entire day, since she was relatively certain that no one else who might care even knew the date.

Thus it was an unexpected surprise when, at the end of lunch, she headed back to her office at around 2 to find a simple small cupcake sitting in the middle of her desk. Narrowing her eyes, she studied it warily. Cupcakes weren’t always what they seemed, and it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be nothing more than a normal cupcake, sitting on top of a folded piece of paper. Picking it up, she sat down at her desk, taking a bite. Shinji. She didn’t even have to look at the note, he was the only other person, as far as she knew, who knew her birthday. And not just because she’d happened – completely unintentionally – to pick the anniversary of the day she’d met him.

Munching on the cupcake, she closed her eyes and savored the sugary taste, relaxing in a stolen moment of bliss. And for a precious few seconds, she could forget that things had changed. That Hikifune-taichou was gone and they weren’t participating in one of her corny celebrations. Feeling something prickling at the corners of her eyes, she wiped her hand across them, unwilling to admit that she was crying, that the tears had already sld down her cheeks.

“You ok?”

Glancing up, she hurridly wiped her eyes, unable to meet Shinji’s gaze for the moment. Of course she was ok. She was fine, she didn’t need anyone’s help or comfort. She was strong and confident and… all it took was a few moments and a slight nod of his head before her arms were around his waist and she was just holding on. It was weak, and she’d beat the hell out of him if he ever mentioned it, but for now… she needed it.
Psyche: excitedexcited
twosentwosen on June 10th, 2008 02:47 am (UTC)
Not sure you'd appreciate my nit-pickyness but there's a typo in the last line of the second-last (or third last, really) paragraph - unwilling to admit that she was crying, that the tears had already sld down her cheeks.

On a more content-commenty note, I love how Hiyori'd unintentionally (yeah, right!) picked the day she met Shinji as her birthday. Because, well, that's what a birthday is all about, isn't it? The Hiyori that she is now was pretty much 'born' that day.
Neko-taichoutasogaretaichou on June 10th, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
is there? thanks, I'll have to fix that. And yes, I agree with that completely.
twosentwosen on June 10th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
*squees quietly to self at the WAFF* ^__^