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15 October 2007 @ 10:59 am
Paperback | NejiHina | Prompt #24  
A little break from the IchiRuki, here's some NejiHina, my latest for 50_shinobi. Enjoy~~

Title: Paperback
Pairing: NejiHina
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: G
Theme: #24 - Icha Icha Paradise

It had to have been a joke. At least... she assumed it had been, hoped it had been. And she was probably right in that assumption, given the current situation. White hands resting fisted on top of her knees, eyes even more alabaster stared down out of a face that was anything but white. In fact, it was decidedly red, crimson flush creeping to the tips of her ears as Hinata stared down at the article that lay innocuously in the bag on the floor.

It wasn't hers, she most certainly knew that. The bright orange book with it's colourful writing splashed across the front was most definitely NOT in Hyuuga Hinata's list of possessions. Rather, she was all but terrified of the small text, knowing full well what it contained. Those sorts of books weren't proper, weren't.... well, they just weren't a part of her life. The mere fact that one of them was here, in her house, done up like a gift -- she desperately hoped it wasn't a gift for her -- was a bit much for her shy and sheltered brain to process.

She hadn't set out to find the book. The loathesome thing had, in a rather spectacular show of bravado, presented it's detestable self to her when she was looking in the closet for the spare pillowcase that went on her bed. That way at least she could make it while the usual pale blue sheets were hung out to dry. Climbing onto the stool she kept handy for just such occasions when her own petite height made life a tad more difficult, a tug on the pile of sheets had sent sheets, stool, and Hinata crashing to the ground in a heap. Dusting herself off and gathering up the scattered linens, the dark-haired kunoichi had noticed the addition of a simple white paper bag with a blue bow with some trepidation. It wasn't her birthday yet, nor could she think of any particular gift-giving holiday that was approaching. And it certainly wasn't hers.

A peek into the bag had yielded a surprised and horrified gasp and the recoil of fingers as they touched the orange cover of what she knew very well was not something she would have purchased, no matter what the circumstances. And now here she sat, sheets abandoned in favor of the astounded expression on pale face -- except that it was no longer pale, and rather a nice bright crimson colour -- as she tried to figure out exactly how this particular piece of literature might have made it's way into her household.

Perhaps... a mistake, a poorly-thought-out joke from one of her teammates, making jibes at her impending marriage. Not that she really would have expected it from either of them, for all their faults they did at least tend to refrain from being thoughtless, amusements to the contrary. Which left any number of other possibilities. Naruto, perhaps? Thinking he'd be doing her some sort of favour or -- she gulped and felt herself turn even redder at the thought -- that she might need the "knowledge" that this particular sort of book lent.

Sparing another embarassed glance at the bag, Hinata couldn't deny that she was a tad curious, if only in a purely matter-of-fact way. The Hyuuga heir knew perfectly well that her experience in... that area... was lacking. Woefully lacking. To the extent that she'd really only ever been kissed twice and one of those had been when she was 3 and that didn't really count.

As her mind picked over the possibilities, the embarassment of having found the paperback gradually settling into at least a more manageable level, eyes widened as yet another glimmer of comprehension flickered through her mind. If it wasn't for her... could it belong to Neji? Scrunching her eyes shut with a determined shake of her head, she pushed that part of her mind out of the way. No, Neji wouldn't own one of these, would have thought it crass and undignified and the like. She was being silly.

But... he was friends with Naruto, even if only on a grudging level of respect that he held for the blonde. So... it wasn't necessarily out of the question... No. No no no no no, definitely NOT. She shook her head frantically to clear her thoughts. No, there was absolutely NO way it could be Neji's. Which... still left the question of who's it was and how it had appeared in her linen closet.

Maybe... maybe there was a name inside the cover or on the back of it. Lower lip held throughtfully -- or perhaps apprehensively -- between teeth, she reached one hand tentatively into the bag, picking up the brightly-coloured book with thumb and forefinger, holding it out from herself as though it were a venemous snake. Turning it this way and that, she tried not to pay any attention to the vivid summary on the back, or any of the other "selling points" of the book, hoping for something as simple as a penned name on the cover. No such luck.

Taking a deep breath and swallowing, she carefully set the book down in her lap, fingers shakily reaching for the corner. It was easy. All she had to do was open the cover and look inside to see if there was a name. That was it. Fingertips moved unsteadily towards it, inching closer while Hinata was certain her face was turning even redder than she knew it already was. Closer, another inch, one more...


With a squeak of surprise, she jerked her fingers back as though burned, eyes widening impossibly as her back straightened. "N..Neji-nii-san....."

Footsteps padded softly across the floor towards her, heralded by a slight sigh. "I thought I already told you, Hinata-sama. Not "nii-san". Just "Neji" is fine. Oh, you found Kakashi-san's gift. Naruto wouldn't appreciate it if it went missing, since I offered to hide it for him."

Stopping behind her, he leaned over her shoulder, one long-fingered hand hooking the edge of the book and scooping it up to redeposit it in the bag as though it were nothing. Stepping around her, he calmly replaced the bag at the top of the closet, seeming to not even notice her flustered appearance. Glancing back at her, dark brows drawing together in a bemused exspression beneath bandaged forehead, Neji cocked his head to the side.

"Are you alright, Hinata-sama? You seem a little flushed."

His words shook her out of her embarassment and she was suddenly gathering up sheets and mumbling a hurried apology before scurrying down the hallway, Neji watching her go, confused look on his face. As she rounded the corner, he leaned one arm against the doorframe for a moment, lips turning just barely upwards in a smile. She really was cute when she was embarassed.
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Noise: Sarah McLaughlin - Angel
MorriganXXXladynayexxx on October 16th, 2007 12:56 am (UTC)
heroniteheronite on October 20th, 2007 11:51 am (UTC)
Ahahaah! That was so cute! <3 Poor Hinata seems so absolutely terrified and embarrassed of the book. It's funny how she came up with so many theories.

Though... if she's getting married... she Will need a few tips. Any sequels planned for this one? :D
Neko-taichoutasogaretaichou on October 20th, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC)
Lol, yes she will need some info if she's getting married. XD.

Direct sequels, no I hadn't planned on any. Although I may have all the ones I do for this challenge be of the same continuum. They'd just be all out of order and stuff. >__
(Deleted comment)
Neko-taichoutasogaretaichou on October 21st, 2007 10:53 pm (UTC)
Oh there's plenty more, you can go to the memories section of my journal and browse my work. ^__^
nekowriter on October 21st, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
Cute little peice of writing I enjoyed reading it write more please :DD.
kagami_pon: Kaze Hikaru avatarkagami_pon on March 9th, 2008 11:55 am (UTC)
XD So cute!
Aw, they were both so cute. It makes me wanna see more!

I think it'd be great if you did a sequel to this, though it is still awesome as a stand alone one shot.
Happy_Pappy108: muffinhappy_pappy108 on April 7th, 2009 12:44 pm (UTC)
that is amazin!
u totally captured Hinata's shyness !!
it was soo sweet n sooooooo funi!!
who'd of thought she cud come up with so many different theories :P ;)