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20 September 2010 @ 02:36 pm
Letter 15  
Title: Frosted Memories
Rating: PG for language
Fandom: Bleach
Character: Kurosaki Ichigo to Kuchiki Rukia
Author's Notes: Just fyi, the premise that I'm writing these on is a post-canon situation where Ichigo is in college and has gone off to America for a semester abroad, and he and Rukia are writing letters back and forth (at her demand)

Rukia -

I wouldn't do that because that sort of sappy crap is stupid. You shouldn't have to do extra stuff just to prove how you feel, especially not when those feelings are important ones like that. That's the whole point of bonds, idiot. And of course I know where to buy flowers, what kind of moron doesn't know that ?

Good, cuz I'm not wearing it. And quit making me out like some kind of heartless jerk, I'm gonna go! Sheesh, they're my friends too, you know. Oh cool, so she invited all of them too? Bet Toushirou'll have a stick up his ass the whole time. Remember that one party where Ikkaku was wearing the lampshade? Yeah, well even after 3 drinks, Toushirou didn't lighten up, if you'll recall.

Wait, what do you mean you don't need more blackmail material? You don’t HAVE any to begin with....... right?

I'll show him some respect when he stops treating me like some slug he's scraped off his foot. Besides, I'M not the one who goes out of my way to be insulting! And I can take 'no' for an answer, but only when it's not over something stupid.

You wouldn't. Rukia, if you give him that number, I swear to God.... Remember the time we went to the beach with everyone? And you stupidly left the number and he called every hour to make sure we were still alive?

Yeah, I guess that's similar. And we don't go to school for THAT long, idiot. It's only about 12 years, and then you only go to college if you want to. It's not like it's mandatory to get a job or anything, it just gets you a better job most of the time. And yeah, that's called sucking, Rukia.

Right, a pediatrician takes care of kids. And besides, what's that supposed to mean? I don't scare kids.

Nah, it's starting to cool off again, at least it feels like fall. No snow yet, Matt says that's weird for this time of year, but he thinks it means we'll just get it all next month and get snowed in. Fun... Those are braces, idiot. They're to make her teeth straighter, the wires and metal actually pull her teeth into a different alignment over time. Most people get them when they're younger, guess she got hers now. And don't even THINK shit like that, he looks nothing like my dad. He's just.... Matt. Stupid Matt and his half-assed weird-sounding Japanese. I seriously think he learned it all from watching badly-subtitled anime. The guy’s just annoying, but I guess he grows on you in a way. I’ve actually gotten used to him. Kinda like Keigo. You didn’t actually go out with him, did you?

An aquarium isn’t a place to store fish skeletons, it’s like a zoo for fish. Oh right, you probably don’t know what a zoo is. Basically, it’s like a giant public fishbowl for fish from all around the world. That way, people can go and see things they wouldn’t normally get to see. But some of the other things that they have are the skeletons of ancient fish or history stuff about them, it’s pretty neat. If you’re into fish, that is.

Oh. Tell Yuzu thanks, I guess. She knows I hate that crap, but I suppose it was nice of her to send it. She and Dad DO know they have stores in New York, right? They don’t have to send me everything like that, I’m perfectly capable of getting it myself. And don’t go over there, Geta-boushi’ll just do something weird again, and why the hell does Renji need to be taken care of? Big baby, he doesn’t need that crap. Tell him to drink some orange juice and suck it up and stop being a wimp. He’s probably just faking so you’ll baby him, you should kick him for it.

Don’t you even joke about something like that! And why would I want some stupid Chappy keychain? Tell Inoue thanks for the gloves, I guess. Any idea why she made them with... little ribbon things on them? And I’m not telling you what to do, I’m telling you not to go out with Keigo because he likes you, you moron! And you don’t like him like that, so don’t go the hell out with him! And I am NOT in fear of my masculinity, what the hell does that have to do with the fact that I HATE PINK? And don’t call me strawberry, midget brat!

That’s just stupid. If it’s your family, then you ought to at least know what it’s about. That’s just messed up, otherwise. And what do you mean, my head is big enough? I am NOT egotistical!

I’m not afraid of him, and what does being a shinigami have to do with getting murdered in my sleep? It’s not like he’s a hollow, you know. And don’t DO that, are you trying to get me starved? Fine, if you guys get some notification that my dead body was found sacrificed in some satanic ritual, I’ll make sure to tell all of Rukongai I told you so.

Everyone knows you like purple, idiot. It’s not like it’s some big secret, you know. And despite what you seem to think, I’m not injured by touching something that belongs to a girl. I’m not in the third grade, Rukia, geez. Thanks for the picture, I’ll keep it with the others, up on the wall. There’s a lot of you guys in that stupid club, aren’t there? Did Inoue get her bangs cut? They look different somehow. Maybe it’s just that she’s got it all twisted up in the back... I dunno. Oh, I promised Yuzu a picture last week, so here’s one.

I’m home on the 18th, for a week or two, make sure to tell Dad for me so I don’t end up spending the night at the airport because he forgot about it.

- Ichigo