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20 September 2010 @ 01:33 pm
Letter 14  
So here's another letter for Paper Hearts, I'm really trying to get this done and out of the way. Mostly so people will stop asking me if it's finished when they read it on ff.net. bc OBVIOUSLY the big 'in-progress' status doesn't mean anything. *rage*

Title: Hints of Winter
Rating: PG for language
Fandom: Bleach
Character: Kuchiki Rukia to Kurosaki Ichigo
Author's Notes: Just fyi, the premise that I'm writing these on is a post-canon situation where Ichigo is in college and has gone off to America for a semester abroad, and he and Rukia are writing letters back and forth (at her demand)

Ichigo -

At least he knows how to be sweet to a girl. He even brought her flowers the other day, just because! I'll bet you couldn't do anything like that, hah you probably don't even know where to buy flowers.

No one said you had to wear a stupid hat anyway. But fine, I'll tell them you'll be there. Even if you're going to be a sourpuss jerk the entire time. And as for me, I want to go because I want to see my friends, is that such a hard concept to grasp? And Inoue said she's inviting Matsumoto-fukutaichou, Ikkaku-san, Yumichika-san, Renji, and Hitsugaya-taichou too, so it's not like there won't be plenty of familiar faces for you to see. And who said I needed more blackmail material anyway?

Don't you dare talk about Nii-sama that way! Maybe if you showed him at least a bit of respect, you two could get along. But I'm sure that's too difficult for someone like you to understand. And I know that, you fool. You just don't know how to take 'no' for an answer.

Don't you mock me, you cretin, or I'll give your Dad the phone number to your room.

Oh, ok. So it's similar to the breakdown of the Gotei-13's divisions, how fifth division tends to specialize in kidou, second division is linked to the Corrections Corp, and twelfth is the Technological Research Beureau. That makes sense, I guess. So everyone learns the same basic stuff and then decides what they want to specialize in? No wonder you humans go to school for so long. And I do not 'suck' with a sword, as you so ingraciously put it! I just have higher skills in other areas.

Just wondering. That's... a doctor for kids, right? Careful you don't scare them all with your face.

Is it still hot there? That's so weird that it's hot in November there, what kind of place is America, anyway if they don't even have a decent winter? I think I'd like it better here. She's rather pretty, and she has a nice smile. What's with her mouth, does she have metal teeth? And you know... when you look at him this way, Matt sortof reminds me of a younger, blonde version of your dad. Without the facial hair, of course. So... an aquarium is a place to store fish skeletons? That seems like a weird place to go and visit, but you said they were strange...

The other letter and the little package is from Yuzu, it's cold medicine. You know, that icky purple stuff that tastes just a little less bad than the icky red stuff. And she put some homemade soup in there too, I think she's worried that because everyone around here -- Renji, your dad, Karin, Sado -- seem to be catching colds it means you might get one too. If she's not careful she'll get herself sick worrying so much about everyone else. Either way, I'm probably going to spend a few days over at Urahara's taking care of Renji. He shouldn't be alone and I don't trust that guy.

Suit yourself, everyone here agrees that it does. I do not look cross-eyed! At least I'm not a sour-faced oaf like you! And don't you dare go showing that picture to everyone there! If you do, I swear I'll find where your dad keeps your baby pictures and bring them along with me the next time the sewing club meets. Oh, speaking of the sewing club, Inoue made you some gloves, and I made the Chappy keychain.

Stop telling me what to do, you asshole! I can go out with whoever I want, and I'm going out with Keigo until you give me a good reason why I shouldn't. And 'you just can't' does NOT count as a good reason.

What did I say about talking about Nii-sama like that?! Just for that, I'm letting Matsumoto-fukutaichou redecorate your bedroom. And for the record, neither Nii-sama nor Renji are in such fear of their masculinity to consider contact with the colour pink to be harmful to it. In fact, I think you are the one with issues as to your masculinity, Strawberry.

It's family-related because it has to do with my clan, you lunk! Just because of that doesn't mean I'm privy to all the details. If Nii-sama doesn't wish to tell me beforehand, that's his right and I'm certainly not going to dispute that. And stop inflating your ego, your head's big enough as it is.

I really doubt he's going to try to sacrifice you. Besides, aren't you a shinigami? A bit pathetic, being scared of a creepy little human with nailpolish, you big baby. And I am not responsible for your financial situation, so maybe I'll just let you wait until he remembers.

- Rukia

P.S. Thank you for the hat -- how'd you know I like purple? -- it's surprisingly feminine, I'm amazed you were able to pick it up without cringing. I like the pom-poms. Oh, and the picture is from sewing club, I took it the other day. It's Inoue, Ishida, and everyone else. I'm not in it because I'm taking the picture.