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06 March 2008 @ 03:31 pm
Fanfic - Day 28 - Entrapment  
Title: Day 28 - Entrapment
Author/Artist: tasogaretaichou
Pairing: IchiRuki
Fandom: Bleach
Theme: #21: extortion
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= Mine

"That's extortion!"

"No, that's blackmail." With one hand, Rukia tucked a stray lock of black hair behind one ear, crossing her legs and adjusting the hem of her skirt with her other hand and fixing him with a level stare.

"They're the SAME THING!"

Brown eyes glared back at her across the table, flickering down to the square-shaped box sitting in the center of it. A familiar-looking box, wrapped up in a blue and white checked -- thank God she hadn't picked the Chappy scarf -- piece of fabric. A bento, which in and of itself was fairly innocuous. Only... inside that bento was not what normally came in bentos. That is to say, Yuzu's nigh-heavenly creations. Instead, the particular bento was chock-full of what could only be described as unrecognizable. That is to say, Rukia's..... well, cooking was a bit strong of a word for it. Orange eyebrows drew together in a deeper scowl as he shook his head. No way was he eating that.

"Oh quit stalling. It doesn't matter, you're STILL going to eat it, if you don't want to face the consequences."

It was a bit of a dangerous situation, at least he considered it one. Especially with her attitude at the moment, the way she was sitting on the bench as though she owned it, legs crossed and her entire attitude oozing confidence. And then there was the almost smug glimmer in her eyes, the one that he wanted so badly to wipe off her face. Really, what the hell had he done to deserve this crap? He'd assumed his harpy-turned-girlfriend would have picked up on the fact that her cooking frankly sucked after the first time she'd cooked something for him. Sure, it wasn't like he hasn't voluntarily -- though was anything really voluntary when it came to Rukia? -- eaten it, but that had only been because he was lacking in what passed for "necessary information". Also known as "the knowledge that Rukia was deadlier with a kitchen at her hands than with all the kidou she possessed". Staring at the wrapped box with all the warmth one usually reserves for something dangerous -- think scorpions, pit-vipers, or Kuchiki Byakuya when he'd found out about them -- he again shook his head, trying to deny the rather ominous sense of doom that was hanging over him.

She'd said it... but she wouldn't actually do it. Would she?...

His fears -- no, they weren't fears, for them to be fears he'd have to be afraid, and he definitely wasn't admitting to THAT -- were regretfully confirmed with the next words that dropped from those lips that were unfairly tantalizing.

"Eat it, or no sex until you do."

Honestly... he wasn't sure how to react to that. Wasn't that against the rules? He was pretty certain it was, that that sort of threat had to break some cosmic rule of the universe. Girls just.... they couldn't do that! It wasn't right!

"That....you can't DO that!"

Something had to be said for a few days of getting used to the idea, which was maybe why the surge of initial embarassment that she'd actually SAY that out loud -- thank GOD they were alone on the roof, he didn't know what he'd do if someone actually heard that -- was being drowned out by the other portion of his brain that was loudly protesting the removal of said new pastime from his activity listing. It had to be a joke. Some cruel, completely uncouth joke that the cosmos were playing on him.

"Oh? I think I can. And I think I will."

Reaching into the bag sitting to her left on the bench, she rummaged around and pulled out a small pink plastic box. Chewing thoughtfully on her lip, she set it to the side before retrieving her own cloth-wrapped lunch -- made by Yuzu, seeing as she'd spent all her morning prep time making HIS lunch -- and setting it on her lap, unwrapping the Chappy-printed scarf with a happy little squeal before popping it open and digging in.

Alright, it was just creepy to hear her do that, and it never got less creepy no matter how many times he heard her do it. Sounds like that just... didn't come from Rukia. It was unnatural. Well, unnatural unless she was adopting that damned fake personality that he hated so much. Reminded him too much of Pyon. Thoughts of said bouncy and annoying soul just shook his mind out of it's momentary reverie -- or was it just watching Rukia lick soy sauce off her fingers? -- so that he could once again level brown eyes on her with a growl. No way. He was not going to give in to her demands.

"Hmph. Fine then. See if I care."

That had to work, right? She'd believe it. And besides, it wasn't as though he couldn't just go without until she forgot about the stupid blackmail shit she was trying to pull. Hell, he'd gone without it for nearly seventeen years, it couldn't be that hard to simply go back to not getting it. Right?

Which was the logical progression his mind was taking before it crashed to a sudden and screeching halt against the concrete barrier that was the realization that -- though it hadn't mattered before, somehow -- he was now irritatingly conscious of how much he DID want it. Which had to be the reason why he suddenly found himself resisting the urge to lick his lips as he watched her eat, trying not to pay attention to that suddenly-annoying habit she had of dipping her chicken into whatever that sauce was and then licking off the excess drips. Clamping his lips together, because there was no way in hell he was going to let her see him sweat, he instead crossed arms over his chest and stubbornly looked anywhere BUT at her.


"Oh, I love these things!"

Hearing Rukia say something like that couldn't be good, at least not going by what he'd been programmed to think -- which was that usually when such a phrase was uttered, it was girl-code for "you better pay attention so you can buy me 10 of them later" -- so of course he had to look to find out what likely-rabbit-festooned item he was going to have to waste his pocket-money on next. And stopped dead at the sight of her unwrapping a red popsicle and taking a hesitant lick of the end before sticking the thing in her mouth.

Oh god. NOT good. And she was probably doing it on purpose, the little bitch. Hell, he knew she was, otherwise she wouldn't still be holding that damned wrapper with it's lable that clearly said "strawberry" on it, angled just-so. Bitch. Clenching his teeth because God knows he was NOT going to let his mouth hang open, OR give into the sudden impulse to swallow, he chose instead to glower at her.

It wasn't like they'd done....THAT yet, but that didn't mean his mind hadn't rolled the image over and over in his head countless more times than he was ever going to admit. And it was completely unfair of her to be playing on that, taking advantage of the situation to make it even harder for him to do what he'd planned. Which was to ignore her demand because she obviously wouldn't go through with it.

Only... that plan of action was seeming less and less a good one, the more he watched lips purse themselves around the fruit-flavoured ice, especially since his mouth was even dryer now and he couldn't help the thick swallow. Bitch. He'd get her back. Somehow....

Just not right now, seeing as the very real danger he was about to put himself in was evaporating in the face of.... something else that he wasn't really going to debate as he scowled at her, snatching up the chopsticks in their ridiculous pink Chappy container with a growl, dragging the bento towards him.

"You're such a bitch..."
Psyche: grumpygrumpy
trechiodude on March 6th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Your fanfics never fail to impress Neko ^_^
There's no Love Without you: pic#68891632ne_wayz on March 7th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
Its about time you updated!!

Rukia would so deny smex to Ichigo! Ha, that so IC its retarded!! Hope to continue reading more of your stories
Neko-taichoutasogaretaichou on March 7th, 2008 03:42 am (UTC)
LOL, yes she would. And he would so totally cave, I mean, even NOT taking into account that he's a hormonal teenage boy. And yes, it IS about time I updated. Job-hunting and debt-mounting has taken it's toll on me lately. But once I get job stuff settled, there will hopefully be another fanfic flood from me. ^__^
Aurora whisperwindaurawhisperwind on March 8th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
'Eat it, or no sex until you do'

Excellent! ^^
{the once and future queen}: ichirukisenbonzakura77 on March 8th, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
LMAO.. that is definately something she would do!! Hehe, I almost pity Ichigo. ;)

Wonderful job, yet again-please update soon!
moon_wing: by muserific ichiruki ichigo rukiamoon_wing on March 9th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
Aw, poor Ichi! XD This was awesome! I love how you get in his head!
coconut_fruit on March 9th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)
That is just... ♡

I can totally imagine Rukia doing that. Poor, poor Ichigo... *chuckles*

Great stuff!
.•°Cristina°•.: [BLCH] Rukia Ichigo BFFtalklikeazombie on March 9th, 2008 09:24 am (UTC)
Rukia is so baaaad ;) poor Ichigo
dhorz: Bigidhorz on March 10th, 2008 09:14 am (UTC)
"Eat it, or no sex until you do."

OH, that's EBIL! *laughs* Rukia=<3.